Five Ways to Instantly Dress Classier This Fall

{by Caitlin Muir}

~caitlin describes her style sense as ‘classy with a twist’~

Fall. Football season. Mud season. And in Texas, just under 90 degrees season. It is finally the time of the year when layers are in style and there’s a crisp feel to the air. So stand up tall and get ready for one of the best fashion seasons of the year!
There are five essentials you should keep in mind this fall if you want to avoid the “fashion don’t” crowd. If Ke$ha or Lady Gaga are your fashion icons, you might as well just walk away from the computer now. 

1. Get a new pair of high heels. If you can walk well in heels, start pairing them up with long jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, and even the wide legged pants that are coming back in style. It’s one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit. Not only do heels make you look taller (which is always great!) but they make you stand up straighter, which instantly makes you look more confident.

2. Introduce yourself to menswear. Tailored jackets can take a dress from dinner table to board room in an instant. Invest in a nice blazer that you can wear with jeans, slacks, and anything else you might be inspired to try. Make sure that the blazer is lined – it will help keep your shirts from catching and wrinkling. Other details you need to pay attention to are if the shoulders fit and where the sleeve falls on your wrist. If those two details are off, everyone will know.

3. Learn how to wear a scarf five different ways. You can have all the scarves in the world and be in trouble if you don’t know how to wear it properly. There are tutorials on YouTube that can help you out if you get stuck. The answer is as simple as a few keystrokes away. Buy as many scarves as you want, just make sure that you wear them!

4. Put a lid on it! Hats are back in style this year thanks to Kate Middleton (err…Princess Catherine). There’s nothing classier in fall than a rich hat, glossy hair, and a scarf peeping out from under your jacket. You can keep the baseball hat for when you are watching the game with the boys, but branch out and try something different. I’m a huge fan of the line of hats Target carries. They come in all shapes and sizes and are always affordable!

5. Pull out the boots. Flat boots never go out of style. I’m not talking about Uggs, which make me cringe every time I think of them. I’m talking about brown riding boots that just skim the bottom of your kneecap. You can wear them with leggings, tunics, or even fun cable-knit tights like you probably wore as a little girl. Tuck your skinny jeans into them or pair them with a skirt. Instant class

The bottom line is to step out confidently and with class. A lot of women spend time agonizing over their clothes choices but you don’t have to be one of them. Dress with dignity, take note of trends, and have fun!

What would you add to the list?