26 Fashion Lessons from 2011

{by Brittany Sadler}

As I looked back on the year 2011, some of the things I learned about fashion, creativity, shoes, and princesses…

1)  If you love something, wear it.

2) No matter how weird something looks, there is someone who can pull it off 

3) Except leggings as pants (even Pippa Middleton shouldn’t try to work that look)

4) Try hard not to look “try hard”

5) Sometimes, try something a little crazy. Just….not too often (did you hear that Lady Gaga?)

6) The whole point of thinking about fashion is to end up looking like you don’t have to think about it

7) There is a point when heels are too high. It’s usually when you can’t walk without looking like the Tin Man…. or something worse.

8) Never decide that you don’t like wedges. This will be the year that you change your mind.

9) Be confident. Nothing gives an outfit more attitude. 

10) If you’re tall, don’t be afraid of heels

11) If you’re short, don’t be afraid of flats

12) Actually, don’t be afraid of anything.

13) Fashion is like a buffet, try a little bit of everything to see if you like it.

14) The only way to always look chic is to be French. But don’t worry; you can still shoot for 99% of the time.

15) Rules were made to be broken

16) Except for “no white after labor day”

17) A Royal Wedding is always cool. And being a princess is still on the top of my list of dream careers.

18) Kate’s dress. It was amazing.

19) Too much eye makeup makes you look like a raccoon. Cute for Halloween…but that’s about it.

20) If you’re thinking about dying your hair a bright, fluorescent color, stop. See Katy Perry’s pink hair. And then think about something else…

21) If you want to feel like a movie star-put on red lipstick. Instant glamour in a nice little tube.

22) Creativity- it can be overdone.

23) If you can only buy one thing, buy shoes. The most impact for the most money :)

24) New York City is a good thing.

25) Clothes can change the way you feel. Which is why I always dress for exams.

26) Life is bigger than clothes, fashion, and what’s in right now. But they can help you look better while facing the bigger picture!