Summer Fashion Trends 2012

{By Brittany Sadler}

1) Pastels
Looking surprisingly modern and fresh, these ladylike hues were all over the runway. They are very easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, try a simple pastel shift, or pair several pastels together for a watercolor look.

2) Bold Florals
These flowers are hardly dainty! Vivid colors and daring designs show us florals in a whole new way. I love this for summer, it walks that wonderful line between outrageous and gorgeous.

3) High-waisted
High-waisted skirts, pants, shorts. Even high-waisted bathing suits. All are on trend right now. High waists are generally very flattering and easy to wear. Just tuck in a flowy blouse and pair it with some chunky heels.
4) Sheer
This trend can be a little tricky, but when done right, it is both elegant and whimsical.  A sheer blouse makes a wonderful cover-up by the pool, or can be paired with a pretty camisole and a high-waisted skirt. I certainly won’t be trying the sheer skirt look, but if you could find one that was only sheer for a couple inches at the bottom I think it could look lovely.

5) Peplum
Peplum waists rocked the runway. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about them. They can definitely be very flattering on certain body types and can give an attractive hourglass shape. Usually they look best with a fitted skirt.

6) Ruffles
Ruffles, ruffles, everywhere! There is something luxurious and glamorous about ruffles. They add a level of relaxed sophistication to any ensemble. A dress covered in dramatic ruffles makes a statement. A ruffled blouse can add drama to a pencil skirt, shorts, or jeans.

7) 1920’s Drop Waist
The 1920’s are back, modernized. Variations on the classic drop waist were seen all over the runways. Personally, not my favorite look, but it can look good on some people.

8) Neon
Bring out the brights! Summer is glowing with neons this year. If you’re bold, go for the full outfit, combining neons of different shades. If you’re more tentative, try a neon accessory, like a purse or belt and just add a little pop of color to your outfit.

9) Sporty Chic
Americans have always had a thing for the athletic look, and it’s back in full force this summer. Clean lines and bold colors are the key to this look. Also, a casual, don’t-care-how-I-look attitude. Love, love, love.

10) All-white
The summer counterpart to winter’s all-black, this is the epitome of monochromatic elegance. All white is cool, composed, and sophisticated. A white dress is a simple way to follow this trend, or if you want to be creative, try pairing white separates. Just make sure that the whites match and are impeccably clean to really capture the look.