Staying Stylish in Sticky Situations: Your Head to Toe Guide to Summer Fashion


{By Brittany Sadler}

Summer is absolutely my favorite season. Funny though, how in the winter I tend to forget about the bugs, sticky heat, humidity, and ridiculous air conditioning – all of which make for some serious fashion challenges…

So, without further ado, here’s how to stay stylish in some of the most common sticky summer situations:

The Frigid Church or Restaurant

Good old summertime when every indoor area is the approximate temperature of the Actic while  outside it’s hovering at the triple digits. Makes it difficult to dress if we want to look summery without freezing to death…

Hair: Let your hair down! This is one of the few times in the summer where it will actually be comfortable to have your hair down, so take advantage of it.

Make-up: Light and pretty. Heavy makeup doesn’t work as well in the summer, even in the evening. It tends to look overdone.

Outfit: Try a colorful summer dress with a tailored blazer or a maxi with a scarf around your shoulders. Whatever you wear, make sure to pack something you can throw over your shoulder if you get cold. I love Chilly Jilly, it’s a cute  wrap that comes in a convenient little bag – you can just toss it in your purse.

Shoes: Anything you want basically. You might want to pull out your summer heels since the opportunities for wearing them are always fewer than you remember.

The Hot and Sticky Summer Picnic

The point of this is to beat the heat. To brave the humid summer heat and come out the elegant and cool victor. Ok maybe not cool, but at least….not miserable.

Hair: Up and off your neck. Messy side bun, high cheerleader ponytail, or loose, casual braid – anything that gets that mane off your neck.

Make-up: Minimal. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask, and most of all you don’t want it to start melting …icky.

Outfit: Think cool. Crisp fabrics in light colors, nothing too clingy because that makes it feel hotter. Nothing that shows sweat easily, so skip the dark or bright colors. A light linen dress, or cotton shorts and a pretty loose blouse would be perfect. And bug spray. Don’t forget the bug spray.

Shoes: Either flat sandals, cute flip-flops, or wedges. But absolutely no heels that will sink in the grass. You don’t want to be the girl who can’t even manage to walk across the yard without aerating the lawn.

The Cool, but Wet Pool or Beach

Ahhh, summer fun at its finest! Lazy days by the pool or relaxing at the beach are what summer memories are made of. But what’s a girl to wear when she knows she’ll be getting wet?

Hair: Ponytail or braid. Something that will stay in when you swim and keep your hair from turning into a giant rats nest.

Make-up: Skip it. I know that mascara and eyeliner looks cute when you’re at home in front of the mirror, but it will be way less cute running down your face. Trust me.

Outfit: Easy and functional is the name of the game. A flattering swimsuit, a unique cover-up, sunglasses, a hat if you want, and lots of sunscreen. I also recommend a simple change of clothes especially if you’re travelling and don’t want to drive all the way back in a wet swimsuit-just a sundress would be perfect.

Shoes: If you’re going to a pool flip flops are perfect. But if you’re at the beach, flip flops tend to throw hot sand onto the backs of your legs. Not fun. I suggest flat sandals that will stay on your feet.

The Cross-Country Travels

Travelling is so much more than Point A to Point B. There are miles of airport to traverse and hours of freezing on a flying refrigerator. Not to mention security where you have to practically undress. So choose your outfit carefully.

Hair: It needs to be something that will hold up well, and look just as good (or almost…) at the end of a long day as it did in the morning. This will differ depending on your hair. Mine is long and straight, so I tend to go natural – simple and down, then I just run a brush through it before I land. Other options are a side braid which keeps your hair tidy, but is easy to redo if it falls out, or a French braid which just looks better when it’s a little messy. Buns are not a good idea because then you can’t lean your head back.

Make-up: This depends on how long your travel day is, but minimal is probably better. It allows you to freshen up more easily. Stash lip gloss, facial wipes, and maybe some mascara in your purse for a quick touch up when you land.

Outfit: Always bring a wrap or a pashmina for the plane – just stick it in your carry-on, you’ll be glad you did. A dress with a jacket or scarf works well, chic pants with a blazer or cardigan also does the trick. The idea is layer enough that you’ll be warm on the plane and in the airport, but not too hot when you finally get to where you’re going. It’s a total pain taking your scarves and jackets off for security, but you’ll be glad you have them when you’re in your seat and the cold air starts blasting.

Shoes: You need to be able to walk in them. For long distances. Because if you have a connecting flight, you will inevitable be forced to walk the entire length of the airport, or possibly to another terminal altogether. So think comfortable. Flat sandals, ballet flats, or very comfortable heels. And I know it’s gross going through security with bare feet, but I really can’t think of any shoes I would be willing to wear in the summer that you could wear socks with…

What are some of your go-to outfits for these summer situations?