Time for a Change: Snapping Out of a Style Slump

{By Brittany Sadler}

Sometimes you just get stuck in a style rut.  Often you don’t even realize that you are in a rut until you look back at the summer photos and think, in shock “What did I do? Wear the same outfit every day??!” Yes, that means it’s time to mix it up a little…

Style Slump 1: Athletic Blah

You’re always on the move, so it’s just easier to wear your sports clothes all the time. It’s not that you don’t care about how you look, it’s just that you don’t have time to bother with it. Besides, your athletic wear is comfortable.

Makeover! Sporty Chic

No need to leave sporty behind when creating a classier wardrobe! Trade in your running shirt for a polo. Upgrade your athletic shorts to an easy pair of khaki shorts or a cute skort. Expand your wardrobe with several simple dresses with clean lines and flattering cuts. Add pretty details like a headband, some classy bangles, embellished sandals, or statement necklace. Voila! Still sporty, but oh so stylish.

Style Slump 2: Same Old, Same Old

You love what you have, but you tend to wear the same outfits, or the same types of outfits over and over. You look at your closet  and instead of feeling inspired you feel….bored.

Makeover! Creatively Classy

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Add new elements a little bit at a time.  A brightly colored scarf, a sparkly necklace, a skirt in a classic cut with a bold pattern. Understand why you love what you love and then be creative. Can’t get enough cardigans? Try one with embellishments or polka dots.  In love with your skinny jeans? Buy a pair in a vivid color. Addicted to tank tops? Dress it up a little with a scarf or a cute jacket. A little creativity goes a long way!

Style Slump 3: No Effort

You live in tee shirts and jeans. In the summer it’s tee shirts and shorts. Or a tee shirt and a plain skirt.  Anything that will allow you to get dressed with as little thought as possible.

Makeover! Effortless Style

Keep it easy, but add in some stylish pieces. If your wardrobe is well-constructed, putting together a great outfit should be just as easy as throwing on your favorite tee shirt. Pick out easy to wear pieces: a classic blazer, some versatile skirts, a couple pretty tops. And don’t forget patterns – a plaid skirt can go with just as many different tops as a plain black one. Give yourself some room to experiment!

kate spade

Style Slump 4: Perfectly Put-Together

You put a lot of thought into what you wear. And everything goes together – perfectly. Your outfits tend to match from head to foot, all color coordinated exactly. But sometimes, you just get tired of thinking up the perfect outfit…and you feel a little constricted by all that matching.

Makeover! Uniquely You

Let yourself loose! Not everything has to match perfectly-don’t be afraid of a little contrast. Pull out some of your perfect outfits and then mix and match. Try things on that you never would have thought could go together – you might be surprised. Donning your favorite black dress? Instead of black heels, try a pair of brightly colored flats. Reaching for that perfectly matching cardigan to go over a summer dress? Try a navy blue blazer with the sleeves pushed up instead.Think outside the box and get excited about the possibilities!