The Modeste Diaries: Hello September!

{By Bianca Wohleking}

I sincerely hope all the Inside Out readers had an amazing Labor Day. I hope so because it’s good to be refreshed and I care about your well being.

BUT I also hope this was the case because, I have a challenge for you.

It’s September 2012. You had a good/great year. Yet, you’re so invigorated and ready to challenge your daily activity, to give yourself something to enrich your experience, to make you the best possible you there is!  This should be the aim all the time! Yet, we guys and girls constantly forget. So it’s like a glass of cold water to refresh and renew our aims, see our goals, and change our lives!

For this September post I want to challenge you to go outside your comfort zone in your dress.

I have been wearing the same spectrum of clothing for a good 4 years. I noticed everything I was buying looked the same. How boring, I thought, that’s not even like me.


Everyday we get dressed.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” -Mark Twain

Why not pick something up we never would have? If you are a grunge dresser, add those orange earrings you admire but think they would never suit. Classy dressing aims? Put on the leather jacket over your simple dress, shoes, earrings, and hair.
You CAN stay within your spectrum just add some pazazz. I promise it will rejuvinate you for this year.

I’ve already started.

Last Thursday, I cut 20 inches off my hair. Everything looks different. I’m putting things together that have never been together because my eye has changed with my look.

Vanessa Jackam, the incredible Vogue photographer, snapped hundreds of streetstyle photos at Paris Fashion Week. Everyone of these pictures inspires me. Whether it’s a hairstyle or me thinking ” Hey, I have that (or something like it) in my closet! I would have never thought to pair it with that… :: ponders at the picture in shock and admiration::) I hope to give you inspiration to have a “new eye” in your closet and when you are out picking up new pieces. 

I hope to hear about how you stepped out of your comfort zone. If there’s anything I learned all summer, it’s that when you step out, you literally alter your life and become a different person. It’s up to you to make that to your betterment, when you do it’s out of this world. Have an astounding September!

– Bianca


so will you take the challenge? how do you plan on mixing up your wardrobe this fall?