How to Dress Like a Parisian

{By Brittany Sadler; Photography by Hailey Sadler}

Everything about Paris is true. The women really are as stylish as people say they are.

Their reputation is well earned: a quick walk through the cobblestone streets of Saint-Germaine and you are continuously struck by the beauty and grace of the women that walk the streets with you. Style is in the air, they must grow up breathing it and soaking it in! As the rest of the world looks on in fashion envy, Parisian women define chic, effortless and striking. So what can we do but learn from the masters?

1. Own it!

Be your own person and let your wardrobe reflect who you are. This young lady has achieved a striking balance-vivid scarlet hair paired with a street-skimming cornflower blue maxi. The open back shows a little skin, making the look very summery and fresh and her giant bag is practical and pretty. Go with what you love!

2. Dress with finesse

Parisian ladies always look stylish and put together without looking overdone. They are the masters of effortless chic. This is the result of paying very close attention to how clothes fit, what they are made of, and what they should be paired with. Her dress of the palest pink, simple brown sandals, inconspicuous accessories, and casual, slightly undone hair result in a flawlessly French look.

3. Stay sophisticated.

Go for the “out for a Sunday walk” feel. Lovely leather sandals with a chunky heel (perfect for walking on those cobblestone streets),  an outfit of neutrals with just a touch of color, an elegant gray shoulder bag, and a sleek short haircut make this lady stand out. Focus on how the outfit will look as a whole-what do you want it to say about you?

4. Just Do It

Don’t be afraid to do something daring. Be creative-pair things that you never would have thought to put together. Add a little boldness and creativity to our conformist culture. The combination of the oversized shirt worn as a dress with the sheer black tights and quirky bright shoes is totally unexpected. This girls is taking style to the next level.

5. Balance it Out

Proportion and contrast can make or break an outfit-pay close attention to it! By pairing her slim fitting boldly burgundy pants with the light, loose ivory blouse, this chic young woman nailed it. Her pretty pulled-back hairstyle and edgy gladiator sandals are just icing on the cake.

6. Be special

Go the extra mile, do something a little different. Add that touch that takes it over the top. A simple black dress is transformed into a style statement with the addition of a voluminous striped scarf casually draped over her shoulder, a perky straw sunhat, and a brilliantly colored floral tote.

7. Go all out

Sometimes it’s just not the time to hold back. This gorgeously Parisian woman (model off duty?) stops traffic with her stunning emerald dress with its beautifully designed bodice and extreme slit. (Note: be inspired, but replicate with your own modesty standards in mind). Her perfectly polished make-up and hair hint at a life of luxury and glamour. Next time a special event comes along, don’t be afraid to be the glamour girl.

8. Pay attention to the details

Every little bit counts. From her lovely auburn hair, to her graceful and classy polka dotted dress and finished off with a pair of high suede wedges, this lady looks perfectly put together. Distinctive, yet delicate. (By the way, her friend across the table is also making a pretty bold style statement with her vivid turquoise headscarf and bright red lipstick).

9. Glow

Contrast. Color. Intensity. Parisian women never shy from being the center of attention. This bright blue maxi skirt gains depth by being paired with a black bag that plays off her beautiful dark hair. A high pair of gray heels adds more height creating a dramatically long look.

10. Add a little cool

In Paris, there’s no such thing as a normal outfit. This lady takes jeans and a tee shirt to the next level. Yellow jeans, rolled up to draw attention to beautiful yellow heeled sandals, a peach rose at the hip, the outfit topped off with a brown tee shirt and casually twisted scarf. A bright coral purse rides in the basket of her bike. Don’t settle for mediocre.

11. Play with it!

Style doesn’t have to be straitlaced. Don’t take yourself too seriously. An aqua dress is offset by a pale jacket and coral bag for just the right dose of color. Brown moccasins add a quirky touch and her white-blond hair piled high shows off her beautiful face. The final touches-a lime green bracelet and bright nail polish-cute and fun!