A Call for Hats (Please)

{By Rachel Coker}

Can we please bring back hats? Please? Let’s just do it.

the beret

This fall, we’ll all wear hats and act like it’s nothing and pretty soon the entire world population will just realize that hats are the total bomb and we’ll all feel like trend-setters. It’s a win-win situation, people.

But seriously, hats are so cool. Why did I never realize this before now? I always associated hats with bad hair days, redneck guys, and Red Hat Society ladies. But I now realize the terrible fallaciousness of that opinion. Hats aren’t for weirdos—they’re for fashionable young ladies like you and me!

There are a million reasons why we should bring hats back.

First off, hats can be so lady-like and cute. Nothing says “adorable” more than a cute little beret. Wear it on the side of your head for extra cute points. It just looks so “I’m-so-delightful-and-I-don’t-even-realize-it”. Like you weren’t even trying to be attractive! You just accidently ended up that way when you threw on your little red beret that morning. People will totally buy that if we all just do it this fall. Here’s to cuteness.

the vintage hat

Also, nothing ups a vintage-inspired look more than a great hat. There are so many vintage hats out there, girls. And they are cheap. I’ve bought them at yard sales for like two bucks each. You can’t even buy a chicken sandwich at that price. But you can get a great retro hat that will look amazing with all of your cocktail dresses and jackets this fall. And did I ever mention that hats and lipsticks go together like carrots and peas? Because they do. Just in case you were wondering.

the fedora

And another thing? Weird as it may sound, nothing says “I don’t really care” like a hat. Which I find really ironic since obviously I’m putting a lot of thought into my appearance if I’m wearing hat. But some hats, like fedoras, just look so effortlessly cool that no one will ever think you’re overdressed if you’re wearing one.Instead, they’ll see you across the street and think, “Oh, she’s cool. Look at that hat. I bet she plays in a jazz band. I bet she got that backpack in Brazil. I bet she drinks coffee with no milk.”

But perhaps the best reason to wear a hat is because it’ll just make you feel prettier. It’ll draw attention to your face, and your eyes, and your hair. You’ll instantly feel more put-together and stylish. And you’ll definitely feel better about yourself for putting that extra effort into your appearance.

Hats are amazing, my friends. And I am going to prove this fall.

I hope that you will all join me in my quest to top off my appearance, so to speak.

And I’m really hoping this plan doesn’t fail, because the only thing worse than a hatless head is a hat-hair head. Yikes.