The Modeste Diaries: Big Accessories and Jewel Tones

{By Bianca Wohleking}

Hello Inside Out Magazine Readers!

What a great response from my last post! I loved hearing about how you were going to take that leap right over the boundary and push yourself to wear something you normally wouldn’t have. I had friends that I wouldn’t have thought were reading this, tell me how they looked in their closet and starting piecing things together. I hope you keep it up! It’s a mini-challenge every morning to turn your creativity wheels. I followed through myself by: buying (and wearing) two bright hues of lipstick, curling my shoulder length bob, and putting gold earrings on with my simple dress. I was really satisfied with my personal dares.

OCTOBER!! YAY! Here in Virginia it just suddenly became really cold. Out of nowhere. I have yet to switch out my shorts and t-shirts!

So the first things I’m grabbing, buying, and beginning to accessorize with are jewel tones and big accessories:

no6 store

My recommendation: the Chunky Knit Ribbed Cowl below for $30

As you can see, its using the basics that you have from last fall but adding those deep but bright accessories. It makes all the difference. Have a warm October!

Pumpkins & Peace to you,