Thank You, Miss Swift

{By Rachel Coker}

It may just come from being in a house with all girls…

but I have been following Taylor Swift very closely as of late. She’s been in the headlines quite a lot the last few weeks promoting her new cd, and I must say that I am very impressed what I’ve been seeing. No, I’m not talking about the angst-filled pop songs she’s been singing everywhere she goes, I’m talking about the way Miss Swift dresses.

Because, seriously, her clothes are so adorable.

With a plethora of vintage dresses, stripes, polka dots, swingy skirts, retro capris, and of course red lipstick, Taylor Swift is just hitting the nail on the head this fall. Take a look at the following outfits and see what inspiration you can find from the gorgeous songstress this season. I bet a lot of the pieces aren’t far from your own wardrobe or neighborhood thrift store…

Outfit Number One:

This dress is just so adorable, it breaks my fashion-loving heart. Those navy and white stripes? So cute! I could totally see throwing this on in the morning and heading out to run errands, hit the clearance rack at my favorite store, and then drop in for an afternoon coffee with my best friends. And ladies, please do not shy away from the red, white, and blue color scheme. With a dark navy blue and a crisp lipstick red, this combination is far from patriotic.

Outfit Number Two:

This is exactly what I wear when I randomly spin around my house. Chiffon skirt and all. Well, at least it’s what I wear in my head, because I’m sure it’s much prettier than fuzzy socks, which is closer to the actual truth. Whatever the case, what is lovelier than a filmy chiffon skirt and simple cashmere sweater? Add a soft chignon in your hair and you instantly look like you danced off the set of an Elizabeth Taylor film. Absolutely stunning.

Outfit Number Three:

For those of you who don’t like skirts (shocking, I know), how about trying a lipstick red pair of slacks this fall? After falling in love with like seven images of girls in red pants that I randomly stumbled across online recently, I gave up and just bought a pair for myself. And they are so incredibly versatile! Now I’m just searching for the perfect cream and black sweater to pair them with so I can look like Miss Swift here (only with darker, slightly-more-frizzy hair). And adding a pair of yellow ballet flats is a fantastic pop of color!

Outfit Number Four:

Oooh. Vintage chic. 40’s librarian-meets-modern-pop-superstar. In a really good way. I for one, am totally shocked to see Miss Swift wearing this because I wore almost the exact same thing last Sunday, only with pops of orange, not red! Which means that this outfit is totally wearable in real life, people. Let’s bring prim and proper modesty back to the masses. Demure can definitely be attractive, and you don’t need to show a lot of skin to look absolutely stunning. Lesson learned.

Those are just a few of my favorite Taylor Swift outfits, but believe me—I could go on and on. (I can also do the same with Zooey Deschanel, now that I think about it)

Who are your style icons and what fashion tips have you recently picked up from them?