The Modeste Diaries: Opening Our Eyes to the Mistreatment of Cable Knit Sweaters

{By Bianca Wolheking}

The cable knit sweater is like the kid who is always picked last for the kickball team.

When we don’t know what to wear we find this sweater, twist it around give it the stink eye for a few seconds, they follow up by giving it an “Mmkay, I guess” or a “Whatever.”

I think it’s time that the cable knit gets on the A team for fall and winter because that’s where it belongs.

If you look through the inspiration board I’ve conjured you’ll treat the cable knit like you just picked Michael Phelps for your relay team.

The Classic Cream:

Cable knits in a winter/fall color spectrum:

Also, I thought to add some Thanksgiving spirit to the post for this month. I would add an activity that I just started.

Step 1: Attain a jar.

& some  paper…

… and each day this week write something that you are thankful for. There’s also a catch-

Don’t stop when Thanksgiving ends you can keep going and crack it open on New Year’s Eve.

A fun twist if you don’t want to do it everyday is add fun memories and save it in a few sentences to drop in the jar. You will have the best time reliving all the memories when you look back.

I am thankful to write for InsideOut Magazine and for everyone who reads this :)

Eat tons on Thanksgiving!!! I’ll post in December cute fitness outfits to motivate us to work off the pecan pie ;)

You Are Loved,