Give Me a Break

{By Caitlin Muir}

During the last few months, I feel like I’ve been stuck on an episode of What Not To Wear.

Between breaking a leg, losing ten pounds, and weather that is more moody than your PMSing sister, a girl can’t seem to get her act together.  One day it’s 95 degrees and then next 59.  Jean shorts and simple t-shirts are a great staple but it feels weird to wear them well.

If you are going to be lounging around the house for a few days, or weeks, comfort is key. There are days that I just wore leggings and long sweaters. It was great. But when I had to get out of the house, I needed inspiration.

What did I do in the midst of my sartorial woes?

I went to Pinterest and started pinning to my “Always|Beautiful” board, where I collect images and ideas that are classy and attainable.   As you can tell, I’m smitten with plaid, tall boots, and chambray.

Here are a few looks that always work well –

lazy days fashion

This look works well because it’s fresh, modern, and classy all at the same time. We all have various thoughts of leggings-as-pants but the length of the chambray shirt keeps everything covered.  You can get a chambray shirt (yes, it’s denim but think of soft, supple denim) from Target, JCrew, or a thrift store (which is where I got mine).  Pair it with low boots and you’ve got it made. Or in my case, pair it with one boot. I bought a great black pair from Espirit so I could relearn how to walk evenly.

striped tee and blazer

Stripes and blazers are any girl’s best friends. Even if she has to pair them with a ten pound walking cast. Choosing pieces that give you the appearance of looking together will help you feel put together, even when all you want to do is curl up and cry. Dress for the part. Whatever it may be.

fall outfit

Neutral colors and classy lines can cover a multitude of sins. Accessories will make or break your outfit. If you do have a broken leg, make sure that you are comfortable hobbling around in a dress…and that the neckline isn’t low enough that you aren’t flashing people when you lean over on your crutches. Let’s call that a lesson learned.

classy white pants

Long pants are amazing. If you can get something with a wide-leg, pull them on as quickly as possible. You’ll be surprised how comfortable they are and how nice it feels hide your cast. White still works in Texas, even if it is dangerously close to Christmas, but you may want to adapt the look for where you are. I highly recommend the “Artist Tee” line from J. Crew for the shirts. To winterize the look, just add a scarf!

lace summer dress

Because the weather is so peculiar, there’s no chance for packing away “summer clothes” in Texas. All you need to do is add layers. Take one of your favorite summer sundresses and pair it with your new boyfriend cardigan. Add leggings or tights and whatever comfortable shoes you can find. Voila! New look without having to go shopping all over again.

Those are just a few of the looks that I tried out while my broken leg was healing. The next challenge for me will be “how to wear a jean dress without looking like a complete homeschooler stereotype” and “how to survive the holiday parties while wearing flats.”

What clothes do you wear when you want to be stylish and comfortable?