19 Fashion Lessons from 2012

{By Brittany Sadler}

As I looked back on the year 2012, some of the things I learned about fashion, creativity, trench coats, and traveling Europe…

  1. No one should have only one look. Don’t be afraid to branch out!1

  2. Learn from London quirkiness


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  3. Be inspired by Paris elegance

    DSC_0816 (2)

    {photo by hailey sadler}

  4. Dress with a flair of Milan


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  5. Add a little  Geneva to your wardrobe


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  6. Copy the natural beauty of Florence


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  7. Put together an outfit like a Roman


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  8. Buy one dress that makes you feel amazing every time you put it on.8

  9. It’s ok to be in love with your trench coat and your patent leather heels9

  10. Don’t be tied down to trends. Wear what you love.


    {photo by hailey sadler}

  11. There is no one definition of style11

  12.  Life would be very boring if we all dressed the same.12

  13.  Everyone looks good in something. There’s no such thing as a figure that can’t be flattered.fashion baby

  14. Have at least one pair of brightly colored shoes. Just for fun.14

  15.  If you’re going on a trip, try not to wear the same pair of clothes every time a lot of pictures are taken…fashionable travel

  16.  It’s hard to have too many jackets and blazers16

  17.  Simplicity is beautiful17

  18.  Sunglasses always add a touch of glamour. Even in the winter.18

  19. Life is not about clothes. Clothes are about life.19