The Modeste Diaries: New Year, New You

{By Bianca Wohleking}goals 2013

I’ll be doing something a little different for 2013.

Usually, I look back on the falls and triumphs of the previous year, full of hope for what may come when the clock strikes twelve. Yet, this December 31st I didn’t do that. Ofcourse, I reminisced on the new ways I was able to experience God. I looked back on the falls and triumphs that were present and I was thankful. BUT for 2013 I’m coming in with new things to make this one of the best years ever! If you live and you learn, why not apply what you’ve learned? Here’s what I came up with:

1. st thereseThere is a ministry called, “NET Ministries”, every morning each of their members spends 30 minutes as soon as they wake up in Scripture, rosary, and then silence. This is so amazing. A goal of mine is to attend Daily Mass everyday ( I’m blessed to live within 2 minutes walking distance of my parish). Why aren’t I taking advantage of this? If I can’t spend 45 minutes in the morning and 30 at night with my God… then where is my time, anyway??goals 2013 prayer

2. This is an area that I definitely need help in. I have my own system that no one else understands. With my closet, my school work, my computer it’s all over but I know my system. It has caused some chaos at times this year so I really want to become a little anal about this and just get er’ done.goals 2013 become organized

3.Feeding the mind with good music and literature leaves an everlasting impression on the soul. You don’t realize just how much until you see what the complete opposite leaves on your soul.goals 2013 speak the gospel

4. I’m a really convenient shopper. I buy basics in bounty. I’m kind of tired seeing myself purchase over and over the same things every season. Changing it up and ordering/shopping for things that I goals for 2013

5. This Christmas I got a really sweet Nikon. I’m going to use this baby to capture all these moments that I love so much! From being without a good camera besides my phone for half the year I found the balance on when to put the camera away and when to take the good goals 2013

6. Email is so 2012.write-letters1

7. Working smarter this year. Slotting in times and sticking to it because it works out in the long run. I’ve experienced not sticking to my schedule and having late late nights with cranky mornings. Those can be tossed…for sure :)goals 2013 work smarter

Have an awesome New Year! What did you learn in 2012 that you will apply this year? What new goals have you set for 2013?.

Have a blessed one.

Bianca Wohleking