How To Wear the Color of the Year

{By Rachel Coker}

Believe it or not, I am one of those people who actually gets excited when she thinks about the unveiling of a new “Color of the Year”.

I may be totally oblivious as to who and how this brand new “it” color is determined (Is there some kind of committee of paid employees who sit around looking at swatches every day and sip their “mocha-brown” coffee while moaning, “No, that dove grey is much too close to the alabaster we presented back in ’97”???) but I sure do get pumped up about whatever color the cool people decide I should be wearing this year. Sue me for being a trend-follower. It happens, okay?

Anyway, so this year the oh-so-incredibly-cool people at Pantone decided to dub “Emerald” as the color of the year. Which, if I’m being honest, causes me to cringe a bit. For some reason emerald reminds me of bright green eggs and ham and the wonderful world of Oz? Maybe I read too many books growing up.

Whatever the case, I found myself staring at my emerald-less closet and wondering “What on earth should I wear to fit in?”

Now, if I was a super classy, self-confident kind of gal, this post would be all about how you should avoid all shades of green like the plague this year and follow your own rules. But I do happen to love fashion, so while I may not be donning a bright green maxi dress and parading down the streets, I am a bit excited about finding some key emerald accessories to harken in 2013 in style.

So after doing a little browsing online, I came up with some really cute ideas of how to incorporate the hot new color of the year into your wardrobe without worrying that you’re walking around looking like a jumbo-sized elf!

Tip Number One: Put a little extra perk in your step with some emerald green heels.

I’m a big shoe person, so obviously I can get around green suede heels. Just imagine how cute these would look with rolled up jeans, polka dotted dresses, and swishy chiffon skirts! Oh, so chic, and not at all veering into Oompa-Loompa land. Adding some green heels or flats to an otherwise neutral outfit is a great way to add a shock of color and stay on-trend throughout the to wear emerald green

Tip Number Two: Try a little colorful eyeshadow.

Okay, so I’ll be the first to admit that I never wear eyeshadow, so I can’t say I’ve ever tried this. But I have several green and blue-eyed friends who look absolutely stunning in bright green eyemakeup! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you exude enough confidence and match it with a dazzling smile, you really can’t go to wear emerald green

Tip Number Three: Paint your nails and make your friends green with envy.

Oooh…. Green glittery nailpolish. There’s something so mermaid-y yet incredibly cool about it. And tip: Keeping all your nails opaque except for one glittery finger is a great way to add a little unexpected glamour to a casual outfit!how to wear emerald green

Tip Number Four: Top it off with a bright green coat.

I’m a big fan of colorful coats. Because if you’re going to be keeping your super cute outfit covered up all day, the coat covering it had better be pretty adorable. And what’s prettier than a lady-like peacoat in a stunning shade of emerald green? So chic and perfect for any to wear emerald green

Tip Number Five: Just go with it.

If you want to wear an emerald silk maxi skirt, go for it. If you want to pile on the glittery green necklaces or don an emerald evening gown or dip-dye the ends of your hair and make little kids stare, then do it! Style is all about embracing what you love and having fun with life. If emerald is your color, then 2013 is a pretty great year to show it!how to wear emerald green