One Secret to Better Style

{By Caitlin Muir}

Take a picture, no really, take a picture.

secret to better styleI started flipping through my cell phone photos the other day.

Oh look, it’s me. And me, and me, and me. Dang, I looked good. But what was I thinking with that outfit?  It’s not that every picture was a self-portrait but there were enough to make you wonder.

Before you think I’m completely narcissistic, there’s a method behind the madness.

I know that there are days when you just need to pull on some comfy clothes and throw on a baseball cap. I get that. But if I’m going out, I want to look more than presentable.  And in order to look good, I need to know what looks good on me.

I’ve blogged about dressing for your body-type but sometimes, that’s not enough.

Sometimes, you need to see yourself how others see you.

So every day as I went to my office, I would take my self-portrait in the full-length mirror in the elevator. Because I was an early bird, I never had to worry about other people on the lift. Just me and a few seconds in which to take the photo.

I would send the photos to some friends every once in awhile, asking them what they thought about the outfit. Was the cut good? Was it too far “out there” for an office environment? Did it make me look fat?

After looking at the photos, I was able to realize a few things:

  • Hemlines didn’t always hit me where I thought they hit me.
  • Weight loss (or gain) can severely influence how your clothes fit.
  • That outfit that I thought was adorable? Was.

Having photos of numerous outfits also helped me realize something else – I had a lot of clothes but only a few outfits that I wore consistently. That meant that potentially, there was a lot of wasted space and money in my closet.


Now when I go shopping, I think about what I have. The clothes that already fit me. I can pull out photos and compare how things fit before I make a purchase.  It’s helped change my wardrobe (no pun intended).

So the next time you get dressed, take a picture. Take a picture of your outfit for the next 15 days and see what happens when you start reviewing the photos.

Let me know what you discover.