The Modeste Diaries: My Thing for Fashion Bloggers

{By Bianca Wohleking}

Say what you will about the hipster baby that blogging has become but I think Fashion bloggers are some of the coolest people on the planet.

They have this creativity with color, texture, and capturing images all while using the greatest art in the history of ever: your own body! So, spring being the official season to say how much we just love, love. I thought we could blow a kiss in the air for these ladies and thank them for putting their art out there for us to see and admire. Fashion bloggers, we thank you!

First up we have Alex from She is Red.

This woman is just so on fire. I mean Alicia Keys herself would have to sing her newest hit chorus when she spotted this woman. I adore her confidence that EXUDES and I have a huge thing for her pattern mixing. She is just the bomb. Visit her here: http://www.sheisred.comTop Fashion Bloggers

Next, we have Tekai from Selective Potential.

Beside the fact that her name is Tekai, she is just so cool. She mastered the blunt bang with the red lip and made it hers. Her outfits are for those who have all the pieces but just don’t know what to do with them! I find her style very basic quirky. She knows all the tricks. Not to mention her boyfriend on the blog is ALWAYS wearing a bowtie. I don’t know what it is, he just ALWAYS has one on and I just love it. Check her out at Fashion Bloggers

Now we have Kendi from Kendi Everyday.

I mean this outfit below I would wear everyday of the week. Well, maybe not but I would definitely want to. She’s very tomboy but super girly at the same time. You know what I mean ladies. She’s an oxymoron, in the very best way. I love looking girly but spunky at the same time and she has that look under lock and key. Check her out at

Top Fashion Bloggers

Here we have Anna from In Honor of Design.

I can just never leave this woman out because she is literally my favorite! Her style is so clean, fresh, and super sharp. You will relate so much to what she puts out on her blog. I warn you! You won’t know what to check out first: her dynamite DIY section or her daughter Veronica with the adorable headband you wish you had in your size. ;) Check it out at

Top Fashion Bloggers

Last but but most definitely not least is this woman from Penny Pincher Fashion.

She takes bargain priced clothing and makes it fabulous. Literally, love this site. I mean for us college students, new job, newly married, new mama women- we have budgets! So she feeds us where the sales are at and NEVER wears or gives her readers any item with an outrageous price.

Top Fashion Bloggers

So here it is! We have let a heart shaped balloon go up in the air for fashion bloggers!

Have a beautiful March!

Bianca xo