4 Best Products for Soft Skin

{By Brittany Sadler}


1. Aveeno Moisturizing Body Oil

We discovered this lotion while we were in Europe and figured out that not only do Eurpoean hotels not supply conditioner (I know, right???) they also don’t supply lotion. So, not wanting to wander around amazing European cities with ugly dry skin, we went on a lotion hunt. And ended up finding Aveeno Moisturizing Body Oil, which is now one of my absolute favorite body lotions. It’s light, and despite the name, very non-oily. It’s a little thinner than normal lotion, so it goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly, leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

2. Garnier face lotion

Not only is dry skin annoying, but it can also contribute to wrinkles later on down the road. So keeping your face moisturized is very important for now and later. This lotion is not at all heavy. It’s almost more like a light gel, so it offers intense moisture and feels lovely and cool going on.

3. Nivea lip balm

Dry lips are one of my least favorite things ever. So during the dry winter months and coming of spring, I’m constantly warding them off with this amazing lip balm. It’s not goopy or cakey and it works like a charm – keeping your lips soft and pretty even in the winter. Perfect for moisturizing before you put on lipstick or gloss, or just on its own. 

4. Ahava hand lotion

I love this lotion. It apparently has special Dead Sea minerals and stuff in it which is supposed to make it a little bit magical or something. But I love it because it feels so good and it smells wonderful.  The lotion is a little thicker and richer than the others I described, which I like for hand lotion. It’s very moisturizing and smells fresh and clean, not an overpowering scent at all. It’s a little pricier than the other options, so consider asking for it for your birthday.

What are your favorite products or tips for keeping your skin soft and healthy?