How to Wear a Sundress

{By Ellery Sadler}

Sundresses can be cute, casual, sporty, dressy, or a combination and are suitable for basically any occasion.

So, here are some different ways to wear them.

If you want to look casual:

1. Hair. Forget your hair. During the summertime just skip the perfectly styled hair and go for a ponytail (my favorite), a messy bun, or a fishtail braid. Any of these look beachside casual and are perfect for the hot summer months.

2. The Dress. Choose a casual sundress. This means one that isn’t too short or made of a fancy material. Opt for something jersey, simple, or retro looking. Bright colors are fun, so don’t be afraid to try something new. (J.Crew, ModCloth, Banana Republic, Anthropologie are good places to shop.)

3. Shoes. Pair it with flip-flops and sunglasses. Pick casual flip-flops and a pair of fun, quirky sunglasses to complete the look.


If you want to be sporty: 

1. Hair. Embrace your natural look – summer is a great time to go with the flow. Or do the messy french braid look which is very cute.

2. The Sundress. To go for a sporty look,  you just have to choose the right dress. Look for something trim, slim, and adorable, maybe in navy and white or with stripes. (Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger specialize in classic American sportswear).

3. Shoes. Pair with some Sperry Topsiders or  simple, low profile sandals. A pair of boat-ready sunglasses is cool too.


If you want to dress it up: 

1. Hair.  To dress up your look, spend a little more time on your hair. Loose beach waves are really pretty and easy to do (use a small curling iron and larger sections of hair and then run your fingers through it). If you want your hair off your neck, twist it up into a simple French twist or braided bun.

2. The Sundress. Try to find something that looks effortlessly chic. Black is a perennial classic, but don’t be afraid so try a dress in a bright color or pattern. All-white is also popular this season. Look for one with an interesting back (maybe a cut-out or bow) and detail work (a contrasting edging or crossed straps).

3. Shoes. Yes! These are my favorite. Sparkly flip-flops or sandals are some of my absolute favorite things about summer. Look for some statement shoes and go with them. Big sunglasses give you an instantly glamorous look and lend mystery to your outfit, so make sure to have some handy. (Some good stores are White House Black Market, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer,  Ralph Lauren etc.)


Whatever your event, it’s easy to look cute and casual or pretty and preppy in a sundress, so don’t be afraid to wear them. Sundresses look great and are perfect for summertime.

Happy shopping!