Video: New York City Street Fashion

{By Ellery Sadler}

New York City is one of the best places in the world for fashion.

And while we were up there on a trip, I decided to snap some pictures of the stylish people walking the streets, and take some videos to give you a taste of the fabulous fashion and flare of NYC.

NYC Street Fashion 2013

new york street fashion

Here are a couple trends on the New York City fashion scene:

1. Fur – everyone is wearing fur. Even the guys. Full-length fur coats, fur vests, fur hats, fur scarves. Fur is where it’s at.

2. You must have a pair of good boots.

3. When you can, go over the top. (FAO Schwartz and Bergdorf always do a fabulous job of this.) That may mean rooms full of stylish candy, an enormous fur hat for the girls, or a silver jacket for the guys.

4. Hats and scarves are also very in. Don’t be afraid of hats, they look glamorous and keep you warm. Please, please try wearing one. Bulky scarves and furry hats are an absolute necessity this time of year.

5. Down coats – practically everyone was wearing these. Whether they were trim or puffy, belted or not, a down coat is a stylish way to stay warm this season.

6. And of course, New York City is just plain amazing.