Fabulous 2014: 7 New Year’s Style Resolutions

{By Brittany Sadler}

2013 has come and gone, 2014 has been rung in with cheering, confetti, and champagne. So what’s going to be different for your personal style this year? What risks are you going to take? What new things will you try?

In 2014, I resolve to:

1)   Wear at least one thing I never thought I would and own it. This doesn’t have to be something particularly crazy, just something you traditionally wouldn’t wear (for me, this might be ankle boots, I’ll let you know).


2)   Perfect pairing casual with formal. I’m excited about this one, because this is a look I really love, but haven’t had a lot of practice in yet. It’ll be a fun way to explore new combinations, and try to break away from my “matching” habit.

casual but chic outfit

3)   Create new and interesting combinations in my closet – wear things together that I’ve never worn together before. This can be a ton of fun and you end up with some beautiful new outfits without having to buy even one new piece!

bright colored skirt

4)   Own what I love and wear it boldly. Don’t feel like you have to change your basic style in order to mix things up. Add new and fresh elements to your basics.

2014 fashion resolutions

5)   Buy a pair of shoes that are a little bit crazy. Ones that I love but wouldn’t normally buy because they wouldn’t go with enough outfits. This year, at least once, I’m going to buy them anyway.

fun shoes

6)   Not be afraid to shop in the mens’ and children’s sections. Limiting yourself to one section of a store means you’re passing up a lot of possibilities. I love men’s shirts and one of my favorite cardigans is a child’s cardigan (also kids’ stuff is cheaper so that’s nice too). Just make sure you try these items on since the sizing will be different than what you’re used to. Also men’s shirts button down the opposite side, which means you’ll be a slow buttoner for a while.


7)   Be inspired. Steal ideas from anywhere and everywhere. Make a point to ask yourself why you notice or like certain outfits and styles – then implement them.  (May I recommend The Sartorialist? Seriously, if you don’t check his fashion blog periodically, make that a New Year’s Resolution).

how to pair casual with formal

You may notice a theme – in 2014 I want to be more adventurous in my personal style. I want to branch out and try new things. I want to take it to the next level – adding fresh elements while staying true to how I love to dress.

So, let us foray into the New Year resolving to live and dress boldly.