10 Ways to Wear A Basic Skirt

{By Ellery Sadler}

How to Dress Well With What You Already Have 

It’s easy to go out and buy new clothes that look fabulous, but what about using what you already have? Let’s take a basic skirt and see what we can do with the things that are already in my closet.

For me, my staple is sweaters & cardigans. I think I have about 25 of them … yeah, it’s kind of running joke now.

Here are 10 Different Ways to Wear a basic skirt. (If polka dots aren’t basic in your mind, pretend it is something plain like just navy blue.)

1. Paired with a simple sweater and cool necklace.

how to dress well

2. A striped jacket & anchor necklace (I love nautical) makes this casual but chic. (Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, it can look really cool.) 
how to dress well

3. A simple white blouse and colorful belt are an update on the classic schoolgirl look. Pair with flats or bold tights and boots.


4. A vest and ruffled blouse look great with cowgirl boots for a touch of country flare.


5. Sweaters are my favorite! This is fun, because the flowers on the sweater look like polka dots, so similar but different.


6. Ruffled white blouse and colorful scarf = simple & sweet.


7. A chambray shirt with a long strand of pearls is elegant but casual and easy to wear.


8. A sweater & belt are a good combination.


9. A scarf is an excellent way to dress up any outfit. Here I paired it with a simple t-shirt.


10. A leather jacket adds a touch of tough-girl, while the ruffled blouse keeps you looking fabulously feminine.


So there are 10 ways to wear a basic skirt, using the things you already have.

What are your tips? Comment below or send us a picture for advice on what to wear with what you already have.