The Modeste Diaries: Why We Love Olive Green

{By Bianca Wohleking}


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So the other day my friend and I were shopping at a local boutique outside my school called, Colonial Collectibles. As we were shopping I see this amazing olive green dress. She looks at me ( with my olive green anorak on) and says, “Hey! It’s your color! You love this!” At that moment, I scanned my brain of the items I own and realized this color was at the forefront. It’s true, I am obsessed. Nay not obsessed, more committed. I am committed to olive green.

As a kid this color is on the fun factor just about as much as poo poo brown. But I am here to remake the name of olive green and show you just how versatile and chic this color can be.

First up we have dressy ensembles:

olive green dressy outfit

Olive green is a neutral color just as black, white, and grey. So, that means you get to have fun with what you pair it with. Ofcourse, its gorgeous with other neutrals but don’t be afraid to add a poppy colored bag and cheetah flats. IT WORKS. Now the one on the right is my winter uniform. Adding the booties, scarf and sunglasses take you to comfort while looking completely together. I will forever PA-REACH accessories and how important they are. The skinny olive green pant, booties, and sunglasses will rotate and rotate around all your outfits.

olive green casual

This color makes your casual a more put-together casual because the color is so chic. You throw it on with your basics and it’s all fresh. I especially love the bell bottom jeans. Two easy super adorable pieces.

olive green outfit

Here on The Modeste Diaries we praise white t’s. It’s an item that everyone owns and I would never encourage you in a style that wasn’t worth your buck. Olive green pieces work with the staple pieces that your already have. I stress that because that’s my motto. I only buy pieces of clothing that work with something else. Never believed in just buying a whole outfit ( unless it’s a super special occasion) most of the time you just want all your pieces to work for you. P.S – THE FEDORA!!

celebrity take on olive green

My three main girls: Olivia, Pippa and Jessica in the hizz-ouseeeee. My celebrity style inspirations. What these ladies and I are trying to tell you: PLAY WITH THE OLIVE GREEN. They work it from casual to trendy to dressy. Keep the color in mind.

Be sure to let me know how you worked your love green, all on your own! #savetherepofolivegreen #notpoopoobrown

Peace of Christ,