The Modeste Diaries: Flower Power

{By Bianca Wohleking}

Flower Power.

I’m thinking of, “The Devil Wears Prada,” scene where Stanley Tucci is pitching the April issue and mentions floral. Meryl  Streep who plays the Editor in Chief then says, “Oh flowers and spring. How original.”  There’s that.

Then the mint green and taffeta dresses that mom matched my sister and I in that one Easter… Along with our matching white hats and gloves. Precious. Yet, I don’t think we can quite pull off the same look this spring. I wanted to take the floral trend and give it a fresh rendition.

That and the fact that flowers are really underrated.

When your house is filled with flowers you have the smell of beauty all around. These are the jewels that our beautiful loving Father gave us to bring us to that gentle lovely euphoric side of Him.

Here are my inspiration boards for taking floral into this Spring:

floral fashion 2014


flower fashion ideas


flower fashion trends flower board 4

My absolute favorite piece that I saw were these pants. Currently looking everywhere for them. I can just see them with a pointy pump. SO cute.

floral fashion trends 2014Have a lovely Spring, IO readers!

What do you think? How are you planning to incorporate flowers into your wardrobe?