3 Easy Ways for Guys to Step-Up Their Style

{By Taylor Turner}

All right guys . . .

Let’s admit this from the get-go: girls know clothes and guys do not. It’s just a fact of life.

Take it from a guy who learned this over the course of multiple years of trial and error – epic catastrophe maybe another way to describe it. Unfortunately, guys lack of taste is so bad that “decent” doesn’t even come to mind. BUT . . . its not that hard to switch your fashion up and dress a little more classy and collected this summer season.

Here are a couple simple, short tips for improving your wardrobe I have learned from very reliable fashion sources (i.e. gals).

Caveat: Fit and fabric matter.

If it don’t fit, don’t own it.

Sizes were invented for a reason and that is because clothes are not “one size fits all.” God made us different sizes so man makes clothes to compensate for that. If you have a size that is too big or too small get rid of it. As an Eagle Scout, I was taught to do a good turn daily. If you find yourself with clothes that are too big, do yourself a good turn and get rid of them. Fabric matters too. Synthetic is “no-no” for regular clothes. Stick with natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

1. Get Rid of the T-Shirts

mens fashion tips

First easy switcheroo: purge your wardrobe of t-shirts and pick up some button downs. Seriously this is easy to do but is worth its weight in gold. Button downs are easy, versatile, look so much better, and with some basic care out last a regular t-shirt by a long shot. Think of all the t-shirts you have, convert that into about 10 button downs and there you have it: easy, fun, and classy fashion.

2. Improve Your Footwear

awesome mens shoes

Altering your footwear can also improve your wardrobe. It may cost a little bit but it will pay big dividends down the road. Think about this: tennis shoes are for tennis, running shoes are for running, basketball shoes are for basketball, and flip flops are for girls. Seriously, your feet are just not all that sexy. They just aren’t. Flip flops are nice and all, but why have them when you can stay classy, cool, and have a pair of nice shoes that will last you decades if you take care of them? Instead of sneakers or flip flops, go for some Oxfords, loafers, or the classic Sperry Top-sider.

3. Wear the Right Pants

colored shorts for men

Another quick switch in your wardrobe that you should not underestimate is pants. Like I said at the beginning, stick to natural fabrics – cotton, linen, and denim. Rid yourself of basketball shorts, synthetic running pants, and sweat pants, unless you are actually exercising. Otherwise, find some good-fitting khakis and shorts for the summer season. Also, if you are really getting into this, look at spicing up your wardrobe even more with some colored pants.

Remember quality is way better than quantity. Investing in a couple really nice outfits will look much better and will last you a lifetime. Restocking your wardrobe can take a while, but with these three simple steps you will be on your way to having an excellent selection for this summer and for years to come.

What are your “go-to” items for the summer guys? Comment below, we love hearing from you!