Summer Suits: 4 Things Every Guy Needs to Know

{By Taylor Turner & Ellery Sadler}

Every guy should have a good summer suit.

Whether you like the classic southern seersucker or prefer a slim-cut khaki, here are 4 things you need to remember for summertime suit fashion.

 1. Fit

Let’s face it, men’s fashion is severely lacking in one of the most fundamental aspects of good clothes – fit. Just take a stroll down Main Street while un-creepily noticing folk’s clothes and you may be surprised at how many fashion disasters are walking around. Too short. Too long. Too tight. Too big. Too baggy.

summer suits for men

Enter Bonobos. A clothing company that started similar to other companies, but their mission to bring well-fitting clothes to dudes everywhere uniquely differentiates them among other clothiers. They are on the cutting edge of American and European fashion to fix fit by providing a wide-assortment of traditional wardrobe items with a classy, modern spin – especially suits. 

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2. It Can Be Casual

casual summer suits

Suits are usually considered a more formal attire and not a staple summer outfit; but you can make it casual. Try a light grey cotton-linen suit, a casual khaki or the all-time greatest southern trademark – seersucker. Cuff the pants, skip the tie, toss the shoes & you’re ready with a relaxed but classy look for a beachside wedding or party. Pair a blazer with a loose tie and jeans and you have another great look.

3. Make It Unique

summer suits for men

There are a lot of ways to add a unique touch to your suits and make them more ‘you’. Start with a good basic suit, like The Foundation Slim in grey, and then add your own flare. Pick out a few pocket squares (these should compliment & coordinate with your tie, but under no circumstances should it match), wear a pair of cool socks, try a classy bow tie, wear a vest underneath and definitely invest in a good pair of shoes. Vineyard Vines is always a great place to find summer shirts & ties.

4. Keep It Classy

classy summer suit

Classic is classic for a reason. You can’t go wrong with a nice navy suit, good shoes, and a great tie. Or opt for lighter colored pants and a darker jacket. Add some awesome shades and you are good to go.

If you’re tired of suits that don’t fit well or frustrating shopping experiences, you definitely need to check out Bonobos. Although a bit pricy, a Bonobos suit may be just what you need to jump-start or put a spice of summer variety in your wardrobe. Check out their collection of summer suits here.


What’s your favorite way to wear suits in the summer? Comment below!