6 Things Every Girl Needs for Fall

{By Ellery Sadler}

Here are a few essentials that every girl needs when the weather turns cool. Your closet doesn’t need to be jam-packed with clothes as long as you have a few tasteful basics.

It’s time for cozy, over-sized sweaters and plaid and boots and scarves. Here are some of my favorite finds from Pinterest for this fall’s fashion.

1. The Perfect Piece of Plaid

I don’t normally wear plaid, but paired with this tailored shirt, I think the combination is adorable! Don’t be afraid to be bold this fall.

fall fashion ideas

2. Emerald Anything

I’m in love with emerald. Instead of those typical black boots or nude heels, buy some bright green shoes. Green is fabulous. Buy anything in this shade.

what color to wear this fall


3. A Neutral Blazer

Ok, this is a little more of a Parisian style than your typical bold-colored Americans, and it’s incredibly classy. Pair several neutral shades together for an effortlessly chic outfit. I love this combination of grey and white and blush – beautiful!

what to wear this fall


4. An Infinity Scarf (Or 5. Or 10.)

Everyone’s favorite scarf, these are so easy to throw on over a blouse or sweater. Wear them with everything. You’ll be cozy and happy.

best outfits for fall


5. The Oversized Sweater

Not everything needs to be tight. An oversized sweater paired with trim jeans or a pencil skirt is adorable, fall-y, and feminine.

oversized sweaters for fall

6. A Cool Pair of Boots

I’m actually learning to love the combat-style boots. When you balance them with a cute skirt or dress, I think they can look fabulous!

fall fashion ideas

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