10 Things Every Girl Will Love for Christmas

{Guest Post by Kassie Dulin}

Guys, you are really hard to buy for. What do you want for Christmas?

Hmm, but since I’m asking you, it’s only right that I help you in return. Let’s see… (Thinks for a minute, goes away, writes list, comes back.)

Okay, this is what I came up with, in no particular order: 10 Things Every Girl Will Love for Christmas.

10 things every girl will love for christmas

1. Photos Give her a framed picture or a photo album of memories together. Girls love memories. (Go through her Facebook or Instagram photos to find cute shots.)

2. Jewelry Simple and classy is generally best. Avoid rings unless you are positive you know her ring size. If it’s a big purchase, text a photo to her girlfriend to make sure she’ll like it. Gift receipts are a good idea. (But jewelry is generally a fantastic idea. Or a jewelry box works, too.)

3. A gift certificate to get her nails done. If she’s a nails girl. Check her toes next time you see her. If they are painted, she will like this. Ask a girlfriend to tell you the name of her favorite salon.

4. A gift certificate for something fun. A drive in movie, a cooking class, dinner at a fun new restaurant, a stay at a hotel (if you are married and the date when you will do it).

what to get your girlfriend for christmas

5. Write her something sweet. Write her a song or poem or a list of ten things you like about her. (No cost, but wow, will you get bonus points for these.)

6. You can never go wrong with flowers or chocolate.

7. Get her something related to her hobby. Does she like photography? Get her a cute camera strap. Like cooking? Buy her cool measuring cups. Like to travel? Get her a new suitcase or luggage tags.

8. A Coach purse. WIN. (Big purchase, though, so only recommended for very special relationships/occasions. Also, making sure it’s exchangeable is recommended.

9. Anthropologie gift card. It has been scientifically proven that 94.7% of all women between 19 and 58 ADORE Anthropologie.

best christmas presents for girlfriend

10. Listen to her hints. She’s probably been dropping hints, so see if you can pick up on what she really wants. It might not be something obviously “gifty” – maybe she’s been talking about wanting to go through a book together, or join a life group, or get new furniture, or have more time with you. Think about recent conversations. Think about her heart. Think about what she loves and wants most. And I bet you’ll come up with something awesome.

Okay, that was fun to write. As I was brainstorming, I realized that I love Christmas gifts because they are all about giving to others. Thinking about what they really want or need, and giving of yourself to meet that need. That’s what love is. And that’s exactly what God showed us when He gave us Jesus on the very first Christmas. So, when we give a gift, we’re replicating the kind of love God has for us. And that makes a gift certificate to a nail salon just that much more awesome.

That’s all I have for now, but if you have questions, ask away! Also, guys or girls, feel free to add more ideas below.

What’s on your Christmas list? Comment below! 

Kassie Dulin


Kassie Dulin is one amazing woman. Her love for politics and ministry is big part of her life. Highlights have been serving as Creative Director of MasterPlan Ministries and as Assistant to the Press Secretary on Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign for President in 2008. Her smile and magnetic personality will light up your life.