5 Outfits for Any Holiday Party

{By Brittany Sadler}

Ahhh the holiday season. Along with egg nog, evergreens, and general good cheer comes a series of parties and events, each requiring a festive outfit. If you want to branch out from your old red and green Christmas sweater, here are a few ideas:


Monochromatic Magic

holiday outfit ideas


christmas outfit ideas

Choose a pretty color and then layer items in that color family, using texture and patterns to make the look interesting. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to match pieces that don’t actually go together, so stay away from bright colors and stick with soft neutrals and metallic. Add some shine and sparkle for extra holiday festivity.

This outfit would be perfect for a family gathering, the shiny blouse paired with the slightly sparkly skirt look celebratory while the scarf and boots keep it grounded and not too formal. If you wanted to dress it up more, I’d leave off the scarf and add tights and heels.


Sparkle and Shine

what to wear to a christmas party

Don’t be afraid to branch out of the traditional holiday colors and add a little of your own personality. Instead of depending on red and green to give Christmas cheer, look to texture and sheen instead. Sequins and shimmery materials can look very festive even in non-traditional colors.

Taking a little Elsa inspiration, this sequined ice blue top paired with a shiny silvery gray skirt looks very winter wonderland. The combination of materials is a little over the top, which makes it fun for the holidays. If it’s cold out (and you have to actually be outside for any length of time), add gray tights.


Professional Chic

what to wear to a holiday work party

Picking an outfit for a professional holiday event can be difficult. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it. A wrap dress or slacks topped off with a cardigan or blazer in a holiday color looks festive while still remaining work appropriate. Consider the location of the event and the formality of it when picking your outfit.

This is a simple but professional look that makes use of classic holiday color combinations. A red blazer with gold buttons is accentuated by a gold chain necklace. Black slacks and heels create a long silhouette. The slacks could also be swapped out for a skirt if you’d rather.


Classic Black & White

5 outfits for holiday parties

Black and white never goes out of style. By adding touches of another color or a metallic you can make this look special and holiday worthy. It’s simple and sophisticated and difficult to get wrong. Just keep the lines clean and let the contrasting colors do the talking.

A simple little black dress gets an upgrade with a sleek blazer in winter white. Silver accessories add some visual interest and shine. This would be a great outfit for a dressier event, maybe New Years. If you wanted to dress it down, I’d add tights and black patent leather flats. Or if instead you wanted to accentuate the silver theme, silver shoes or some kind of metallic heels would look great.


Casual Festivity

casual christmas outfit ideas

If there’s just been entirely too much dressing up going on, you can still look holiday-ready and stay comfortable. Details are important for this, so think about what part of your outfit you want to emphasize.

The focal point of this outfit is the shoes – patent leather and silver loafers. Interesting flats are a great way to stay comfortable without sacrificing style. Black jeans look a little more put together than typical blue but keep the look casual. A feminine sequined shirt balances out the masculinity of the shoes and adds a little holiday cheer.


Share your favorite holiday outfits in the comments! Are you going to use any of these ideas?