A Gentleman’s Guide to Paris Street Style

{By Brittany Sadler}

There’s an odd phenomenon I noticed in Paris street style – men and women have almost opposite aesthetics. While the women tend to be more free and easy, a little undone and relaxed, the men are more put together, sleek, and consciously stylish.

Although not all Parisian guys are particularly attractive, they all seem to do an excellent job of tricking you. So here are some of their strategies, as recounted by a careful female observer:

Parisian men have perfect hair

stylish men paris street fashion

Parisian men definitely do their hair. None of this rolled out of bed stuff. It’s usually a little longer than American guys wear their hair – less clean cut, but perfectly styled. To be honest, I have no idea how they get it to look like this. Magic probably.

Parisian men wear clothes that fit

paris street style men's fashion

Parisian men fit clothing very differently than American men. While American mens’ clothes usually fit loosely, even in bad cases swallowing up the wearer, in Paris everything is pristinely tailored and fitted close to the body. To a certain extent, I would love to see this become more popular in the US – skillful tailoring is probably the most effective way to make mens’ clothing look polished and stylish. Even cheap fabrics can be partially redeemed with good tailoring.

Parisian men aren’t afraid to express their personal sense of style

paris fashion men style

Creativity in mens’ clothing is more accepted across the Atlantic. In one of the great unfairness’s of life, men have fewer ways to be sartorially creative, but in Paris they fully embrace the ones they have. Brightly colored pants and interesting scarves made frequent appearances, as did colorful socks. So don’t be afraid to add some color or visual interest to your outfits, it can showcase your personality.

Parisian men pay attention to the details

parisian style for men

Excellence in style certainly doesn’t happen by accident. Parisian men are conscious of the impact that details can have on one’s overall appearance. A sweater thrown jauntily over your shoulders adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit. A beautiful pair of shoes takes your style score up a couple points. Pay attention to the little things, they add up quickly and change your entire look. There’s also probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

What do you think? Is Paris street style for you?