Style Inspiration: 7 Ways to Dress Like Emma Stone

{By Lana Jackson}

Whenever I have a social engagement, party, or some last minute work event I usually end up scrolling hysterically through Pinterest trying to find an outfit that’s feminine, eclectic— yet modest. Looking fashionable and honoring Christ with our outfit choices is huge challenge for Christian women everywhere. But I’ve learned that curating looks for myself in pinch can be easy, if I keep a few go-to-girls in my arsenal who share my “style values.”

Style values.

It’s a phrase I use for the principle of understanding that the body should be covered in such a way that it enhances, not takes away from the dignity of the person wearing the clothes.

For me, one of those go-to-girls with style values is Emma Stone. Funny girl. Sometimes Red-head. British Boyfriend.

Emma Stone has lady-like style down to a sartorial science!

Emma Stone can be a go-to style inspiration for us girls that want to look modest and fashion-forward. If you’re struggling to create a look that is eclectic with that lady-like flair take a page out of Ms. Stone’s book please. Her style can easily be re-interpreted with these seven tips:

Incorporate a collar when appropriate

how to dress like emma stone


Nothing says lady-like, like a well-placed peter pan or shirt collar. Look for dresses or tops that have a cute collar. You can also add a button up shirt underneath a sleeveless shift dress or tucked into a midi-skirt with a colorful pattern. You’ll look clever and modern.

For formal events opt for a menswear-inspired looks 

emma stone style inspiration style tips

9 out of 10 times girls go for the fussy, ill-fitting dress when there’s a formal affair or party. Why not opt for a black, ankle-length trouser pant with stilettos or flats? Here, Emma is wearing a sequin strapless top but this can easily be re-interpreted with a silk button up or nice white t-shirt with a colorful statement necklace. Simple, comfy, and with just a hint of amazing, but not like you tried so hard.

Artsy prints and patterns can liven up simple silhouettes

emma stone style ideas

Why wear a simple skirt or pant when you can wear one with a bold geo-pattern or Anthropologie-inspired ikat print? Just remember to keep everything else in your look neutral to make the pattern the focal point. You’ll look creative and cultured, but still modest. Midi skirts and cropped pants are a great way to try the patterned look.

Play up the shoes

emma stone fashion tips style ideas

Interesting shoes are simple way to amp up any outfit. Cool straps. Pop of color. Eccentric pattern. Leather cut-outs. Heels, Wedges, Flats, or Brogues. Either choice will make any simple outfit look interesting and quirky. Think of your shoes like jewelry. You can wear the most basic shift dress, but with a bold statement shoe your outfit goes from basic to brilliant. Emma seems to like a pop of yellow!

Monochromatic colors in simple silhouettes

7 ways to dress like emma stone

Sometimes basic black and white or monochrome colorscapes (e.g. red tones, blueish hues) can be stunning. I’ve found that monochrome outfits look fresh when not expected; especially when you mix patterns like Emma does here. I love to do this at holiday parties. For example, at Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s day parties most girls will wear sequins, metallics or busy patterns. Like Emma, I play it up, by playing it down. I get compliments every time because the look is mature and refreshingly unexpected.

Add a jacket for a quick dose of cool

emma stone jackets

It’ll be chilly later that night anyway, right? So grab a cropped leather jacket, classic trench coat, or a blazer with an interesting lapel. Bonus points if you can find a collarless leather jacket in a demure pastel shade, like soft pink, nude, or grey.

Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses . . . enough said

emma stone style inspiration

Protect the beautiful corneas God gave you with inexpensive, wayfarer-like sunglasses in either black or tortoise color. Aviators can look more sporty and masculine, but wayfarers give off that cool 1950s, Grace Kelly in the South of France vibe. See also Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief for more inspiration

. . . that Andrew Garfield isn’t he just adorable!

Remember, we have the wonderful privilege of honoring Christ with our lives, our bodies, and our outfit choices. So make good choices. Find a style inspiration that mimics your style values and mix it up a bit.

Have fun trying out these Emma Stone inspired looks!

Dress to glorify,