The Beezus Diaries: How to Dress for Adventure

{By Bianca Wohleking}

I’m currently locked inside with the snow that has hit in my area, like many others. While wanderlusting away my mind is looking forward to spring and summer adventures. I thought in these groggy months it would be a great time to let not only my mind but all of us together focus on some beautiful times! Not that this snow is not gorgeous. I’m just a summer baby. Who’s with me?

I’ll start with making travel happen in these winter months. Even though we may not be heading anywhere warm anytime soon, we can dress with natural colors, and embrace the layers.

adventure wear what to wear when traveling

Adventure ready, I’d say, is a mixture between bohemian, sporty, and classic.

outfit ideas for adventuring


In prep for spring, I am planning on hitting the trails hard as soon as a sunny day gets here. I’m a very holistic person. I don’t think that feeling confident is just about your attitude. Your confidence can most certainly come from your appearance.

Be beautiful, for goodness sakes! You already are, so go with it!

When I’m out there feeling the breeze and reveling in Creation. I want to have my favorite things on to make me feel GOOD.

Here are some inspired hiking looks:

chic active wear cute hiking outfits

hiking outfit ideas

Biggest piece of advice and what I’m speaking the loudest through these photos is: LAYER. Layer everything. You want to start with thin layers and then get heavier as you come up. Have a sturdy backpack and fresh water supply. If you hike with a buddy (which I highly recommend) split water and snack in one backpack and then put your extra layers in another.

Where are your favorite places to explore?