How to Wear Yellow This Spring

{By Ellery Sadler}

Wonderful things are yellow. Sunflowers. Sunshine. Butter. (Gotta love butter.) Sand. What’s not to love?

Yellow is my favorite color. It’s been my favorite color ever since I can remember.

Yellow is the color for Spring 2015 and while I knew it was the best color all along, I’m glad the fashion world has caught on. According to the psychology of colors, yellow is uplifting and illuminating.

Yellow is a happy color.

Which is one of the reason I like it so much. Not many people wear it, though, because it can be a little scary. No one wants to look like a bumble bee. So how can you incorporate this happy hue into your wardrobe? Here are a couple of my absolute favorite ways to wear it.

 It’s ok to wear color, even early in the morning

how to wear yellow

Be bold. Just last week I was headed to a 6am Bible study and I threw on a chunky, neon yellow sweater that I got in Paris. Was it bright? Yes. Like glowing bright. But it was also cozy and fun and pretty. Don’t be afraid to be the only one wearing something other than white, grey, or denim in a group. It’s cool to stand out.

Play with Shades & Your Hair Color

shades of yellow to wear this spring

Bright sunflower-yellow is probably my favorite shade, but feel free to mix and match. Try pale buttery yellow or mustard colored.

For blond haired girls: Opt for lighter shades. But wear them below your waistline. You don’t want a yellow shirt competing with your yellow hair. A medium shade of yellow can also look fabulous with naturally blond or slightly darker blond hair.

For brown/black haired girls: Lucky for you, almost any shade of yellow will look good with your hair. Neon will create a fantastic contrast with darker hair and/or skin – beautiful! Medium yellow compliments brown hair and light yellow is gorgeous too.

For red haired girls: Yellow is a little more difficult to wear if you happen to be blessed with red hair. This doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you need to be careful. Try to wear yellow accessories: a yellow purse, a yellow pair of shoes, and keep it away from your hair. A more neutral, flat shade of yellow can work well.

Wear Yellow Close to Your Face

yellow jacket spring fashion trends

One of the favorite things I own is a bright yellow coat (which I got for about $40 at the Wilson’s Leather outlet). And I was thrilled to see a very similar one in Ralph Lauren (for a whole lot more). The concept of wearing bright colors close to your face can sometimes be intimidating. While it may seem like it will detract from you natural beauty, I think that it actually highlights it. Yellow coats/shirts/jackets are a great way to bring attention to your smile, your eyes, and your face. Color draws the eyes upwards. A yellow jacket is the perfect thing to wear in the chilly evenings of early spring.

Accessories are Your Best Friend

yellow accessories for spring and summer

Accessories are a wonderful way to follow the spring fashion trends without spending a lot of money. Shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, scarves, and watches come in all kinds of wonderful shades of yellow. These are a good way to add a pop of color to your closet if you aren’t quite bold enough to wear a bright yellow jacket or completely yellow dress. Take a tip from Taylor and add a yellow headband or hair-scarf to your outfit.

Yellow is a wonderful way to brighten your wardrobe this spring. And I don’t think it’s quite possible to be unhappy when you’re wearing yellow.

So here’s to a happy spring of wearing my favorite color!

Do you love yellow? How are you going to incorporate it this spring/summer? Comment below!