The Best Swimsuits for Your Body

{By Ellery Sadler}

Finding a swimsuit that you feel good in can be one of the biggest challenges of your summer wardrobe.

But, as hard as it is, there will probably be at least one beach trip or pool party you go to. So finding the right fit for you is the best way to feel confident when heading into summer. Not everyone looks good in the same shape, so knowing what works for you and what looks good for your body type is the first step when swimsuit shopping.

Everybody can look good in something. You just need to find the right style.  

1. Athletic/Straight


best swimsuits for athletic body types

Be thankful, lots of girls would be happy to ‘look good in anything’. Although you may not have the curves so often flaunted on magazine covers, there are a lot of suits that look fantastic on your body type.

If you don’t have much by way of curves, and are ok with that, opt for a suit that shows off your slim, boyish lines like styles 1 & 2. These look sporty and feminine at the same time. Athleta is one of my favorite places to get suits – they are comfortable, incredibly well made, and flattering.

If you want to play up your curves or give the illusion of a fuller figure, try a style with ruffles, a fringe, or a well placed geometric pattern like options 3 &4.


2. Pear Shaped

best swimsuits for pear shaped body type

You look beautiful in patterned swimsuits! If your hips are a little wider than your chest, you can balance your body with a mix and match tankini. Remember, darker colors and patterns give the illusion of being smaller. So choose a bright, solid top with some interesting detail to draw the eyes upward and opt for a dark, patterned bottom. Another option is to choose tops that are a bit more flow-y and bottoms that either match, or fade into the background.


3. Curvy/Hourglass

hourglass swimsuits one piece modest

Retro swimsuits look amazing on you! Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and try a polka dot one-piece or boy-leg cut for an instantly chic fit like options 1 & 2.

If you’re feeling a bit more trendy, opt for a brightly patterned suit. Also, you totally can pull off the girly but sporty look, so try a sleeveless rash guard like these ones from J. Crew or cute pair of shorts.


4. Long Torso

best swimsuits for long torso

Don’t worry, longer torsos can look lovely in swimsuits. You can create the illusion of longer legs, by drawing the attention upwards and breaking up your silhouette. Instead of a simple suit, choose one with detailing, bold prints, or ruffles. I’ve also noticed that swim shorts and/or high waisted shorts can look really flattering. Check out J.Crew, Shabby Apple, or Athleta.

5. Plus Size

plus size swimsuits

There are lot of great looks for you! Take a page from the hourglass girl’s book, and try a retro looking one piece. Find suits that highlight your best features, show off your curves, and make you feel confident. Don’t hide behind solid colors and literally-one-piece-of-fabric swimsuits. You can rock a swimsuit that has some good structure. Modcloth has some fantastic options.


Find something you feel good in, something that is comfortable and makes you feel confident. Be brave enough to stick to your convictions about modesty, whether that means wearing a skirt with your suit or a one piece or a tankini or bikini or whatever, don’t feel pressured to look like everyone else. You get to choose what you wear.

Just the other day, I was walking down the beach and noticed a girl in a one piece. In a sea of endless bikinis, she was the one I noticed. Not because she was flashy – her suit was simple and dusty blue – but because she was so striking, so different.

Believe it or not, no one else is judging you like you are judging you. 

Don’t be afraid of swimwear season, just find the fit that works for your body and rock it with a big smile.

You were created beautiful.


Where is your favorite place to swimsuit shop? Share your thoughts by commenting below!